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sooo hier kommen ma n paar links zu meinen lieblingsviedeos oda einfach nur lieder die ich ganz gut find^^


jesse McCartney: because you live

fugees: killing me softly with his song

30 seconds to mars: From yesterday  the kill  capricorn

my chemical romance: teenagers  famous last words 

Celine dion: My heart will go on

avril lavigne: when you're gone  innocence  the best damn thing  keep holding on

simple plan: perfekt  untitled  i'm just a kid  addicted  shut up  happy together  grow up   vacation   perfect world  i'd do anything  everytime crazy  falling for you

linkin park: what i've done  numb  faint  from the inside  in the end  breaking the habit  carousel  don't stay somewhere i belong  one step closer  papercut  a place for my head  qwerty

rihanna: umbrella   break it off  rehab  winning women

blink 182: all the small things  first date  dammit  josie  dumpweed  i miss you  feeling this  always  adam's song  rock show  violence  stay together for the kids

eminem: lose yourself when i'm gone  like toy soldiers  the way i am mockingbird  stan

bob marley: don't worry  no women no cry 

enrique iglesias: do you know?  hero

timberland: the way i are  throw it on me

tommy reeve: i'm sorry 

bon jovi: i'ts my live

die ärzte: dein schuld  schrei nach liebe

christina aguilera: candyman  fighter  car wash

Azad ft. Adel Tawil: Prison Break

green day: working class hero

bushido: janine  eure kinder

fall out boy: thnks fr th mmrs one and only  the take over the breaks over

emigrate: my world

the all american rejects: move along  it ends tonight  dirty little secret  i'm waiting  stab my back  change your mind  night drive  dance inside  straightjacket feeling

walt disney^^: a whole new world (aladin)  once upon a december (anastasia)  journey to the past  under the sea (ariel)  colours of the wind (pocahontas)  das Ende (pocahontas)  just around the river bend (pocahontas)  listen with your heart (pocahontas)  der ewige kreis (der könig der löwen das musical)  hakuna matata (der könig der löwen)  kann es wirklich liebe sein (der könig der löwen)  ich will jetzt gleich könig sein  er lebt in dir

step up: bout it  bout it (das richtige lied)  imma shine  get up 

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